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Photo Scanning

Protecting your memories is a Snap! at Choice Photo. Choice Photo Scanning Service is the safe and convenient way to save your lifetime of memories to digital media.

Why take the time to box up your photos and risk losing your precious memories in the mail or have to wait weeks to get them back safely? Come in to Choice Photo Studios and let our trained photography specialists scan your photos and place them on a USB thumb drive. In most cases, we can scan them while you wait! They will even color-correct your images and remove any red-eyes!

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Up To 50 High Resolution Scans - Only $29.95

each additional image - $0.50

Photo Restoration

Choice Photo Studios is your one-stop for expert restoration services for damaged or faded photographs. Our photography specialists will scan your damaged photo, repair it digitally and provide you with a high-resolution copy on USB. Of course, we can reprint the repaired photo on a variety of media. We can also color correct your faded images.

Examples of Photo Restoration/Repair


Photo Restoration/Color Correction $50.00 per hour

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